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Upcoming Courses

Powerboat Instructor

Provides the competent and experienced powerboat handler with the training to teach powerboating up to the standard of ISA Powerboat National Powerboat Certificate under the supervision of the Principal of an ISA recognised teaching establishment and a Powerboat Senior Instructor.  An intensive course training you how to teach ISA National Powerboat Scheme, with an external examiner moderating. You learn how to organise boats and teach on the water, to make a presentation in the classroom, the importance of understanding your student, how to communicate and much more.

iPad Navigation

The iPad has now become a regular sight aboard - being used for communication, using lots of different apps and being used for navigation. SailCork have always been the groundbreakers when it comes to new courses and now we present the first course for using the iPad for navigation. Eddie English has been using Macs since 1992 and has been using Navionics Charts on his iPhone since they were launched in 2009.

Advanced Powerboat

Building on existing skills of the National Powerboat Certificate and Powerboat Coxswain this course is aimed at the powerboat enthusiast who intends to operate in a more challenging environment both in daylight and in darkness.

Current Conditions - Cork Harbour + Ireland

Current Conditions - Cork Harbour + Ireland

Wind speed and direction, etc    With links to all other ports

Wind  Forecasts South of Ireland

Wind Forecasts South of Ireland

Synoptic charts (Meteorological)  Ireland and Europe

Synoptic charts (Meteorological)  Ireland and Europe

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