The Dinghy Instructor Course is an intensive course training you how to teach ISA National Sailing Scheme , with an external examiner moderating or involved in running the course with Eddie English. You learn how to organise a fleet and teach on the water, to make a presentation in the classroom, the importance of understanding your student, how to communicate and much much more. Courses at SailCork are progressive – we move forward with each course – striving to improve standards and the overall experience. Our course is not just an instructor course – it is a course in life skills! It is at the pinnacle of all our courses and we are very proud of what we do and believe that it is the best instructor course available.

Advanced Dinghy Instructor


Combination of any 2 of Kites & Wires Instructor, Club Racing Instructor or Adventure Sailing Instructor.

Advanced Dinghy Instructor2021-10-27T08:25:22+00:00

Dinghy Pre-Entry


The whole process of becoming an instructor begins with the pre-entry course and at SailCork we run special courses to

Dinghy Pre-Entry2021-10-27T08:25:31+00:00

Dinghy Assistant Instructor


The Assistant Sailing Instructor assists ISA Instructors in the delivery of courses within ISA Small Boat Sailing Scheme.

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Dinghy Instructor


The course is run over 5 full days at Easter, June and October mid term break. You must have submitted

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Kites & Wires Instructor


Instructor course training you to deliver Kites & Wires 1, Kites & Wires 2 and Advanced Boat Handling. Cert valid

Kites & Wires Instructor2021-10-27T08:25:35+00:00

Adventure Sailing Instructor


Instructor course training you to deliver Adventure 1, Adventure 2 and Advanced Boat Handling. Cert valid for 3 years from

Adventure Sailing Instructor2021-10-27T08:25:47+00:00
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