VHF Radio CourseWhen we think about the sea and boats SAFETY always comes to mind. We prepare boats properly so we are safe at sea, we make our plans before we go to sea………..and when we are at sea we must have a line of communication. Most people now have mobile phones………..but are they enough? Why would we need a VHF Radio as well? Click here and read on….

VHF Radio CourseThe marine VHF Radio is a vital link in the communication………but why is it better than the mobile phone? Firstly the range and reception for the VHF is better. The Irish Coastguard have radio stations and transmission masts dotted around our coastline to ensure reception for up to 30 miles to sea for certain leisure craft. Mobile phones certainly do not have this range. The battery power in a VHF is better….even for portable VHF sets.

The main advantage of a VHF Radio over a mobile phone is that if you are in trouble and have to seek help and issue a Pan Pan or A Mayday it will be heard by all craft near you AND the Coastguard – all at the same time. With the phone you cna only call those whose number you have and you cna only speak to one person at a time. 

So what do you need to do to use a VHF Radio………… simple………..get you VHF Radio Cert. This can be done on a one day course at SailCork. You will learn how to use the voice radio (radio telephone) and practice using it. You will also learn to use the Digital Radio (DSC)…….. where you can send a distress message by pressing a button….as simple as that! The course also includes information on NAVTEX, the EPIRB and the SART…………all lifesaving devices. 

Our team of presenters will bring you through all the procedures step by step and prepare you for an exam at the end with our friendly examiner. …………….and all of this is done in one day!

The next VHF Radio course at SailCork will be held on Wed July 26 (08:30 to 18:30) at the SailCork base at East Ferry in Cobh. We have helped hundreds of boaters and sailors and kayakers etc to get their VHF Radio Certs – now its your turn. Call Jo English now on 021 4811237 to book your place!

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