Oct 2019
Our rowing club is going very well and all Eddie's training last year has proved very useful, including at our Nationals where trained safety boat helms and crews are highly valued! Next season (competition starts again in February 2020), we will have a refurbished 40hp 5 metre RIB in place for safety boat work, so all is looking good now thanks in large part to Sail Cork’s courses!

J O'Meara

We are in the process of buying a yacht so we, as a family, decided to do the right thing and take lessons on how to sail it correctly. We are all novices in the sailing department so five of us went out today with Peter Scallan and we had a great day. He asked us up front what we wanted from the day and at this stage I feel we have been given a good base to build from when we decide to take further tuition. Peter is a great instructor and seems to have an intuitive feel for what each person is capable of and adapts accordingly. On top of that he's just a really nice guy and we got on very well with him. The family were discussing the day over a few pints (as you do), and I think we all agreed we left the berth in the morning as a family, but we returned the boat in the evening as a crew and that was all down to the tuition from Peter. In addition to all the sailing, we anchored up and had a delicious lunch cooked from scratch by Jo and as the main cook and bottle washer in my own house I have to say bravo chef. I highly recommend the professional but relaxed setup at Sailcork.


Brian F

Eddie/Joe/Peter (&Kuba)

this note of thanks is a little tardy so apologies.

As a business just want to say you guys look after your customers and everything was well thought out and very well planned.

Food always excellent, can't wait for the Sailcork Cookbook, I am sure its an art planning food in a challenging environment.

The training was exceptional, from theory classes to the practical side, for me it's amazing you can take someone with no knowledge and no confidence, put them through a program and give them them the required knowledge, skills and  confidence to sail.

..... and in doing so find that difficult balance between a social activity that also requires vigilance safety and security.

I have done many courses (work and pleasure) I can honestly say I learned the most and at so many levels from Sailcork, we are the better for your long and valuable service in Cork.

best regards,

William O (look after Lou...she is building muscle for the winches...)

Just a note to say thank you for a glorious June Bank Holiday Weekend. I really appreciate you fitting me in. I had a great time and will be back for more. Eddie asked us to send in our thoughts on the trip and how it went. Here’s my go at it.
I’ve just had a hugely enjoyable weekend aboard the Holy Grounder. Anchoring at midnight under the stars, slipping out to sea in early morning, rounding the Old Head so close you feel you could touch it. You have breakfast on deck imagining all the land lubbers still in their beds while you have already explored miles of coastline. Then there’s the huge excitement of sailing and learning the ropes (literally). Finding a secret cove to anchor in for lunch and developing a ferocious appetite for sausages. You feel like you have already lived several days in one. There’s the joking and camaraderie of an unlikely group of people - linked by a common interest - age and occupation irrelevant.
For me Eddie and the Sail Cork crew got the ingredients right. For a beginner there is the comfort of the full confidence you feel in the ability and experience of Eddie and his crew but at the same time you are not mollycoddled or pandered to - you have work to do too. There is an immense sense of satisfaction to be had from tasks mastered and learnt by doing. All the while flying along the Cork coast at speed. Eddie himself is generous with stories, anecdotes and personal experience and manages to be continually teaching without making you feel you are in class. He also takes into account important things like food and socialising on shore!
I would recommend everyone to try a weekend away with a difference. Trade the airports, taxis and hotel rooms for a trip with Sail Cork.  If you don’t have a boat of your own and are not lucky enough to have a family tradition of sailing it is a fantastic way to discover how great it can be out on the water.
Eddie, Jo and all the team – thanks for a brilliant trip.


ICC Prep and test April 2015. 

Many thanks for looking after us so well on our ICC prep and test.
It helped sharpen my boat handling,  and remind me that I need to practice a lot
of core skills. The food was top class as well - I will be certainly be recommending 

Tony O'Mahony.

It was fabulous weekend, a great time was had by all. Peter was a great instructor very patient and  excellent  at passing on his vast experience and knowledge. Thank you for the fantastic food very tasty! Can’t praise the weekend enough.
Best Regards


Peter is an excellent instructor and would love the chance to sail with him again sometime in the future. His knowledge and experience is very evident and he has a nice way about him. His instruction was top class and was very grateful to have had the chance to sail with him The rest of the crew were all very nice and we got on well together (even with the Kerryman!). Holygrounder is a fantastic boat, well equipped and comfortable. It was a perfect day for sailing on the Sunday and she really showed off her attributes. Jo, by the way the food was excellent also and I'm looking forward to your blog  ...... Coming soon I'm told

John O’Sullivan

Hi folks , I just wanted to thank you all for making this course so enjoyable. Sean had a fantastic time and really appreciated the quality of instruction, the knowledge and experience of the instructors and above all the fun he had during the week.

I was also struck by the "extra" knowledge given to the participants when they were between tuition sessions, such as trip on Holy Grounder, Ribs etc.  This added greatly to Sean's enjoyment of the course as they were constantly learning new skills.  The fact that he come home every evening exhausted but happy with the days activities bare testament to how full you made their days.

Please pass on my thanks to all, and I am sure we will be in touch again!


John Hudson

Hi Eddie & Jo
I must say I thought the weekend sailing course to Baltimore was great and I enjoyed every minute of the whole experience. Great weather, sailing and good company.

Eddie was a great sailing instructor and fountain of knowledge on the whole trip from Cobh to Baltimore. The food was good, it was amazing what Ian did is a small galley.
I could highly recommend the course to anybody who wants to get the full sailing experience. I learned an awful lot by doing sailing tasks and listening to the theory (weather) during the course. I will have to book myself on for part 2 of the competent crew later in the year.
Many thanks

Gary HorganEHS

There are a lot of us out there making a living from the sea who wouldn't be where we are today if it hadn't been for the outstanding seamanship and knowledge gleaned from Eddie and co. at Sailcork.

Mark Richards

‪‪Congratulations on the last 40yrs . Without your guidance and lessons years ago I would not have had the success I have in the marine industry.‬‬

Willie Lynch

Oct 2019
If you wanna learn to sail or improve your techniques this has got to be the best way to do it. I signed up for the competent crew course and it was a blast. Can't recommend sailcork high enough. An easy 5 stars  J Kennedy

J Kennedy

St Patrick's weekend Competent Crew and Day Skipper Yachting courses

Absolutely brilliant weekend. Very, very windy, fantastic to sail nearly all the way into Cork City. The dinners were incredible, no shortage of food ! We managed to avoid every drop of rain, excellent weekend. Sam (helper)

Great Weekend and introduction to sailing. A lot learnt and great experience all round. Thanks. David

Absolutely brilliant weekend. Very, very windy, fantastic to sail nearly all the way into Cork City. The dinners were incredible, no shortage of food ! We managed to avoid every drop of rain, excellent weekend. Had a great weekend, enjoyed the instruction very informative looking forward to doing it again. Noel

Fantastic weekend out sailing in great weather and good company. Many aspects of sailing covered comprehensively. Have a lot more confidence in my own ability having completed the competent crew course. Thanks. Sean

Magnificent weekend, with the weather god having an eye on us, and sailing with amazing crew. Once again learned a whole lot, and discovered new places, learning new technics. Finally finished my day skipper. Thanks everybody, and special thanks to the crew. Jan

A thoroughly enjoyable learning experience, fantastic sailing, great company and teamwork, lots to learn and great food. Plus we beat England! Thanks to Eddie, Jo and all on board for a wonderful St Patrick’s weekend. We even got the weather. John.

Caribbean Sailing Adventure 2017 

Eddie & Jo

Again you have surpassed all expectations even though I have done this trip before, it is a dream each time. Eddie’s local knowledge is as if he has lived there all his life. Seeing locals coming to the boat and welcoming Eddie back again is a very special experience.  Jo’s hospitality aboard is 5 star and adds so much to the whole experience, long live SailCork !


Eddie, Taking this trip was initially about experiencing sailing. I thought it would be good to choose a memorable destination and SailCork certainly provided that opportunity !

Seeing our Skipper, Eddie plan, anticipate and co-ordinate our adventure was a rich learning experience. I like the idea of learning to do something the right way and being around Eddie gives me the confidence in that aspiration. Approaching a  sailing trip with a sense of adventure in the way we did is to me an absolute pleasure. The sense of being looked after and minded at all stages of the trip by Jo was lovely. The atmosphere of friendship onboard was fantastic, better than I could ever have imagined.



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